03 April 2015

The Washington Times Removes Critical Article On Fox News Investigative Reporter Martin Burns

Source: State of the Nation

Award-Winning Journalist Martin Burns
Was A Champion Against Child Abuse

“His death has been added to a growing list of prominent child justice campaigners who all died just ahead of a planned release of either, a documentary containing highly sensitive information, or a bid for new legislation to contain child trafficking and abuse.”[1]
Martin Burns was a courageous advocate journalist who campaigned mightily for the protection of vulnerable children, especially those caught within the system.  His brand of investigative journalism was known for its fearlessness and ferocity.  He left no stone unturned in his quest to know what was really happening to children who wound up in the custody of Child Protective Services.

The quote above comes from The Washington Times (TWT) article written about the Martin Burns’ story that was published on Friday, October 18, 2013 under the title Fight against child abuse loses another prominent voice.  What is particularly suspicious is that every single post of this particular report on the internet has been scrubbed except the two versions that are found at State of the Nation.
The link below from the internet archive service known as Wayback Machinecaptured the front page of The Washington Times on October 18th, 2013.  It is clear that all references to the original article by Clare O’Toole under the subtitle Disrobing Blind Justice have likewise been removed from TWT home page.
Therefore, the question remains: Why would The Washington Times take the extraordinary initiative to remove every reference to and post of their article that lauded a recognized champion of child abuse investigative reporting?
The issue of institutionalized child abuse has literally exploded in Los Angeles, California over the past few years.  The Orange County Child Protective Services (CPS) has come under fire for numerous and serious violations where children were dismally failed by the system.  Therefore, it was much appreciated by many that an MSM outlet like the TWT published stories which shed light on this very unfortunate and ongoing predicament.
What follows is the original TWT article published on 10/18/13 for the reader’s consideration.  There is no question that the content of this article is rarely found on any Mainstream Media website.  It contains information that is highly revelatory about the underbelly of the “system”; in this particular case, the system of child protective services that routinely permits children to be victimized, kidnapped, sexually abused and illegally removed from the country.
Perhaps that is why the article was removed from The Washington Times website.  It contains naked truth about a clandestine operation that has been functioning throughout the USA with impunity for many decades.
Let’s face it, if the 1oth Earl of Sandwich can be called out for similar illicit and unseemly behavior, just who might be next in the pantheon of political heavyweights.  So many have been exposed lately in both the U.K. and the U.S. that it is now clear that this endemic problem is begging for unprecedented revelation.

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