15 April 2015

The Infusion of Sound and Light Into Your New Being and then some!!

Can ya feel it??  It feels like the barometer of life is changing and those of us in alignment with the energy of change are feeling it so deeply.  Yesterday, from beginning to end, I felt like an inflatable doll, each moment of the day serving to increase the energy field around me.  In fleeting moments, I could actually see it happening.  As a psychically connected being, I was flat on my ass all day yesterday.  No readings at all.  Even the energy coming thru the computer was way to much for my field, so I took to the couch.  Ya know something is meant to be when I have streamable internet ALL DAY LONG!!  I haven’t had the ability to stream one movie forget several back to back in well over a month.  But really, I couldn’t do much else, glad the internet gods had my back!!
However, this morning as I woke up, as consistently as I have the last 3-4 days… I am realizing something… bigger.
On March 5th, as I was waking up that day, I could see vividly thru the window above my couch, an image of me.  This image was as if on a dark earth, and even my image was dark… and I experienced myself falling to the ground as if being unplugged.  With that image laying on the old, outmoded earth, I felt my stream of consciousness move in thru the window and connect with my awakening body.  As I got up off the couch, I felt like I just landed in a larger landscape, a fuller dream if you will.
All I could think about was the movie avatar, when Jake was unplugged from his avatar body and he would just collapse into a heap on the ground.  Except, we are not returning to the human, we are going further into the great expanded realness… a whole new movie and a whole new body.
The very next day, March 6th, I woke up once again, like the day before.  It is as if my stream of full consciousness is showing me exactly what is happening from outside my window.  In this experience, we left the movie avatar and was literally reviewing Twilight, Breaking Dawn 2.  I was shown information about Edward (the vampire) and Jacob (the werewolf) and exactly what happened to them as Bella transformed into the Vampire.  I cannot recall a thing about what I was shown, maybe because I was more interested in Bella’s secrets.  Except I couldn’t experience her part thru this dream experience (even tho i was pleading with my consciousness to let me see before I get all the way up) instead… I was told to watch the movie again and pay attention.  I did, three times that day… looking, understanding…
The moment Bella became vampire, everything about her changed.  She was so empowered, so sure of herself.  She knew she had special vampire skills and practice and practiced perfecting these skills.  The external world no longer mattered to her, instead, she was fully empowered by her present state of Being.  There was so much more I realized, but unless you have actually followed this Love story… this spiritual transformation story, I would have to explain to much.
Then yesterday, I woke up once again the same way… my consciousness coming thru the window as I started to open my eyes, but this time upon waking I could no longer be sure which reality I was in any longer.  It was as if the world I consistently wake back up into, is bigger, differently and I wasn’t 100% sure the layout of my flooring was going to be the same.  This feeling became more present all day long.  I could see so many things moving and shifting out of my peripheral vision.  For fleeting moments, my walls took on a different texture and visual… like a different wall was super imposed on the old one.
This morning  once again I awoke thru the window.  I almost feel now they (my soul and all its parts) is pushing me with awareness into a new world, my world.  It was no longer a surprise but more like an “ohh yeah” kind of feeling when I woke up.  With it, came a feeling of solidity.  Not so much a solidness, but sorta.
On March 6th, with our increasingly warm temperatures here, I went and sat down by the river.  It’s been a while (brrrrr.)  I could feel the energy start to penetrate into me instantly.  I purposely sat on my wooden tree stump, opened my heart, and wrapped my tentacles around and thru the Mesa base.  I could instantly feel my tentacles penetrate into the rock of the Mesa and visually I could see it once again, crumbling from the intrusion.  The back-flow of love and excitement into me squelched the worry that was arising from watching it crumble… again.
My eyes were taken by the image I was now looking at where the avalanche occurred on January 15th.
mesa elephant
I had only seen the most obvious and distinct elephant wearing a crown of Light.  But with Team Facebook, OMG this image is loaded with Guardians and jungle animals.  It really does take a village to see the whole landscape, the whole truth.
Before I knew it, everything was asking to be photographed and made public (shown to You.)  This is Your place too.  So I did exactly as i was asked.  Her is a panaramic view of the Guadalupe Mesa:
At the end of this sharing, I am going to include a video of the Jemez River, as it asked to be recorded and shared.  I understood the recording was to pick up its sounds, the one thing a still picture does not capture.
panaramic landscapeAs I was coming back into the house, reeling from the energy exchange, I heard Jorge remind me about the rain.  I had actually forgotten until that moment.  In my last meditation with him, I was asked to go sit in the rain and literally get soaked.  Fortunately it has not rained since that meditation.  However, we are strangely under a winter storm watch today.  I stay strangely cuz it was almost 70 degrees yesterday when I got the warning on my phone.  I watched the news last evening and it said we are going to first experience rain due to the high temperatures, but as the temperatures drop, the rain will turn into snow.   I have no idea why this getting drenched is so important, but, I will drop everything to get it done.
But the Mesa and the River was not the only thing wanting to be captured and shared.  The sun behind me wanted in too.  I took two views of this sun:
I have a feeling, I really do understand something (imagine that!!)  I did a reading with a tremendous soul in New Zealand on March 5th in my world the 6th in her world.  Her soul revealed something that I think I am understanding in relationship to all that I am sharing today (picture and video wise.)
There really is something that happens in the wave of time stretched over the earth.  She was undergoing an audio infusion!!  I could first hear these drums beating as her reading opened up.  The beat was more like cadence style than melodic.  I could start to see what looked like bongos or conga drums all in a verticle row, some higher, some lower as they stretched out next to each other, each one creating its own sound frequency.  Then, as I continued to bask in the music of her soul, the next thing I had seen was like, little images from the but cracker (the red and white guy) marching from her drums into her heart galaxy.  Once each one moved into her heart area, I could no longer “see” them and what was told to us was that each one represented a very particular frequency for her “tentacles.”  Once inside, they merged into the ALL that is her.
20130306_120846This was soooo kewl!!
As soon as I understood what was happening, the field said, the next thing is going to be a Light infusion.  Altho I did not see what that looked like, I really understood the process at hand.
In our pure spiritual form, we are made of tones and light frequencies.  This creates what I call our “soul signatures” and no two are alike.  In this new beginning, it will be as if each heart tentacle has its own vibration, what I will just call a singular tone and light frequency for us to learn.  As we become proficiency at our fullness, I am now feeling the tentacles will become one unified energy of use in our creation story.
It is going to be exciting to see what this all means to us, and how to utilize the fullness of who we are now!  But like a baby just out of the womb of creation, we have to learn how to crawl before we can run!!  There is no doubt in my heart, thru each person who shows up on the field, radiating their own soul signature, will teach all of us how to step into ourselves on all interdimensional levels!!
20130308_062847I am just sooo excited.
So let me conclude the pictorial of this sharing with this mornings Light event.  As I went to feed the birds, my whole being was caught by the Morning Light coming from the East.  Look at how happy that Presence of Light is to be shared and interacting with us:
I love all of you sooo much.  Thank you for Being such an intimate and loving Being within my Soul!!

(((HUGZ)))) filled with Light and Sound!!

by Lisa Gawlas

Source: The Shift of Time and Energy!

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