22 April 2015

4 Skills To Cultivate Your Potential

It’s often said that a great deal of growth occurs after trauma:
  • The woman who is diagnosed with an illness and decides to create a life she loves
  • The man who survives an accident and develops a sense of his priorities
  • The brother who loses his sibling and cultivates stronger bonds with friends & family
Whatever it might be, trauma can often be a springboard to realize our purpose, fertilize our growth, and actualize our potential. This phenomenon is known as post-traumatic growth and commonly includes:
  • More focus on one’s goals & dreams
  • A renewed sense of meaning & purpose
  • A better understanding of oneself
  • A change in priorities and the ability to choose actions that align with them
  • Deeper connections & relationships
The good news is that you don’t have to wait for a traumatic life event to gain this level of clarity. You can unleash it at any time by developing 

The 4 Skills To Cultivate Your Potential:


Anything worth doing takes willpower. Tackle a challenge without giving up, even if it’s a small task.
Do it: Practice tolerating boredom by not picking up your cell phone for 5 minutes.


Many people are stagnant in life because they are physically stagnant. The answer: don’t sit still all day.  Physical movement actively improves your body & brain.
Do it: Vow to get up from your desk each hour of your workday.


When feeling down, it’s easy to forget that you have the ability to invoke positive feelings on command. If you can actively tap into things that make you happy, you will dramatically improve your mood and ability to tackle challenges. Researchers often refer to the 3:1 Positive Emotion Ratio. For every negative thought, actively choose to have 3 positive thoughts to improve your overall health & happiness.
Do it: Look up a YouTube video of your favorite baby animal.


There’s strength in numbers, so why not reach out? Instead of isolating, connect with your friends, family and community.
Do it: Express gratitude by sending someone a thank you note/email/text.
Bonus: Embrace the power of touch. Shaking someone’s hand for 6 seconds increases your level of Oxytocin (the feel good & bonding hormone)

The Takeaway:

You determine the rate of your growth. Don’t wait for a rock-bottom. Do it on your terms. 

Source: Aligned Holistics

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