21 April 2015

Is there a Depopulation Agenda? Who will Pay the Ultimate Price?

In hearing rumors and seeing evidence of an agenda to depopulate the world, through vaccinations, GMO foods, engineered diseases, eugenics programs, etc.
I am reminded of a short story I read many years ago by Isaac Asimov called "The Winnowing."
It's the tale of a genetic scientist who is cornered and manipulated by the elite to develop and implement a technology in food that will "arbitrarily" eliminate 70% of the Earth's population.
I don't want to give it away -- but there is a poetic justice that emerges in this story that I would like to share.
If you are partial to reading, you can read the short story here: The Winnowing
If you prefer to listen, below is a youtube of a reading done by Vyzygoth (less than 20 minutes) a number of years ago. He begins reading the story at Six minutes and Twenty seconds (6:20).

by Brandon Adams (connect at: @twitter @facebook @google+ @linkedin)

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