15 April 2015

Hit A Roadblock? Boost Your Manifesting Ability

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. We’ve ALL been stuck. And it usually happens at the most inconvenient time.
Like RIGHT in the MIDDLE of a brand new weight loss program…
Or a few days after purchasing a gym membership…
Or a week into your course…
Then BAM. Resistance catches up to us. It can take many forms too. Suddenly work piles up so high that it seems impossible to study for your new course. You get sick so you can’t continue your new diet. An unexpected bill comes in so you can’t buy that coaching program. The gym shuts down for a year for renovations right after buying your membership. I’m not exaggerating. Each of the above examples has happened to me. No kidding.
Want to know the trick to moving past it all?

Keep Going!

Find another gym. Get back on the diet after you’ve been sick. Set aside half an hour each day to work on your new course.
Powerful intentions create powerful resistance.
The universe is NOT conspiring to keep you feeling overweight, broke and uneducated.
You’re doing it because there’s a part of you inside that doesn’t want to change. One of my teachers, Andrrea Hess, said that “your ego is trying to get you as safely to death as possible.” It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Your ego wants to keep you doing the same things every single day. It doesn’t want you to change because change is unpredictable!
Your new gym membership is going to shake up your life. Your new program that you’ve invested in will rock your world. When you start going to the gym every day, you feel different. Eventually, you’ll start to look different. Soon you’ll act differently too, based on your new perception of yourself. When YOU are different, your world becomes different to reflect that.
So, if you’re experiencing resistance, please don’t write it off as the Universe’s way of telling you, “not now.” It’s your way of saying, “I’m afraid to change!”
You have an opportunity to decide whether you’ll cave into the fear or whether you’re going to keep creating a new reality for yourself. If you decide to cave in, just know that big change is never easy. There will always be something that seems to stand in your way. You’ll need to find the courage within yourself to overcome that fear.
If you decide to move forward, that’s great. Take things day by day. Go easy on yourself. Forgive yourself if you miss a day at the gym. Allow yourself to fall off of your diet. But then, GET BACK ON. Keep going. Don’t let anything get in the way of you and what your heart most truly wants. So long as your passion outweighs your fear, you’ll keep moving toward your desire.

by Danielle Fagan

Source: Collective Evolution

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