17 April 2015


Daily affirmations can be a powerful way to transform our thinking. Not to mention, they are the simplest way to instantly change our vibrational state.  The words we speak and the thoughts we think have a tremendous influence over the direction of our life.
One of the keys to using affirmations successfully is to make sure that the affirmation feels authentic to you.   For myself personally, some affirmations just feel fake for me and don’t carry the same energetic weight as others do.  So for best results, always be sure to select affirmations that feel inspiring and hopeful to you.  If they don’t resonate with you, there is a reason why.  Don’t force it.
Here are a few affirmations that you may find beneficial to you on your journey. Feel free to pick a few that resonate well with you.  Use them first thing in the morning, during a daily meditation or at any time you feel you need extra strength and/or peace.   Maybe even string a few you like together one after the other.  And remember: If they don’t feel right for you, then don’t use them.

1) I am enough.

2) I am powerful.

3) Life is good.

4) I have inspired others.

5) I have many wonderful moments to look forward to.

6) I’ve been blessed in many ways.

7) Today is a gift.

8) I’ve achieved many things in this lifetime.

9) I am loved.

10) I can help the world.

11) Things have worked out well for me.

12) There are many things in this world that make me smile.

13) I am grateful for the things that I have.

14) I am strong and capable.

15) I am fortunate.

16) There is no one else in the world like me, I am unique.

17) I have many dreams left to achieve.

18) I have freedom and choice.

19) I’m proud of the path that I’ve taken.

20) The world wouldn’t be the same without me.


Source: Spirit Science

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