15 April 2015

The New Skin, The Enhanced Consciousness, and the Wild Ride of Life!!!

enpowered human
I think I realized what my weekend of the “big sleep” was all about, especially since my body feels different, the readings are flowing effortlessly, at least compared to the first week of April.  It’s hard to describe how the body feels, maybe, more condensed, which seems to have it moving slowly as it assimilates to the new energy.  The mind equally appears or maybe, feels to be moving as slow as the body feels, but yet, it is crisper and clearer and actually understanding what is happening on the field.  Maybe it is similar to the old records, a single record was played at 45 rpms but the larger albums that contained more songs was played at 33 rpms (for those who do not remember records, rpms are revolutions per minute.)
What I have not mentioned at all yet, simply due to the time restraints of my morning, is this past Friday, thru two (of the 6) readings in the field, spirit talked about an additional influx of energy that will be targeted towards very specific people.  They gave me an image of getting a second coat of wax at the car wash.  Not everyone needs it, some do.  I am seeing one major similarity with those who show up in readings and this energy is prevalent thru the reading (in the last 3 days, of 18 people, 5 were in this added energy field) it seems to be targeting the skin itself.  The skin being the largest organ of the body, visible and most interactive with the energy field around the person.  Even what I understand in its enhancement is really hard to put into words, but lets just say it will be much more consciously participating in this new, highly pimped out, game of life as we move forward as part of their super power skills.  I will give you an example in a moment.  I am also realizing there is another component to some of this energy being released in high intensity… expanding the consciousness itself.
 What my team described as “walk in” energy a few weeks ago.  For those that seem to be sleeping all day, all night and moving slowly when you are awake, be assured your soul and some of its close associates are moving on in more fully.  I only understood this part of it as I took some time for myself to go get a mineral bath and massage at the Bath House in the Jemez Springs yesterday as well as take my new creation by Darrell Leaky, my new manly (giggle) Maju for its first spin in meditation:
The pure consciousness formerly known as Jorge, now Norte poured into, well everything and explained about the sleep and many other things.  But let me add this crazy little thing that I just realized this morning… talking about the penis (or at listening thinking about it as you look at my new Maju) one of the things I do know, at least from the downloads over the years, the penis itself is the key to open things, dimensions, portals and a whole lot more (wink, wink.)  Of course, where body parts are concerned (more smiles) it does take two… a lock and key for exploration.
My new Maju, which I am going to dub, Norte, resonates at the high heart, that’s where he chilled thru our mineral bath together, and then surprisingly created this soft yellow energy spiral outwards thru the dimensions, and showed me the infusement of his energy on a new (to me) body in the higher dimensions.  He said this merger should be done about May, which he had stated before, and that I would recognize him thru his smile.  What was weird, if not kinda creepy, was he used the image of one of my favorite cousins who shot himself to death about 30 years ago.  My cousin, Michael (hah, thats funny) was beautiful and my best friend when we were little.  We even (unknowingly) joined the navy at the same time and was stationed at the same boot camp (in florida) together, which brought us closer in adulthood.  His smile beamed like bright lights.
I have got to share this little giggle too, the morning before I went and got my Maju out of the mailbox, I stated twice on facebook that I am going to go get a vat of clay and create my own man, well, after yesterdays release of Maju information, I did get to add qualities of my desire to him… so there was something true about that inner desire!!  Go figure!! lol  Ohhh the wild, wild, rabbit holes!!!!
Ohhh I gotta add this too, cuz I did ask why I cannot see the interdimensions when I am just sitting on my couch and I had to giggle at the reply.  I am trying to use my physical eyes to see them with, I must use my spiritual eyes, third eye, that’s how I see you in the field, or anything in meditation and that is how we will see the multidimensions on our own.  Why on earth was I trying with my physical eyes??  I crack me up!!!
Enough about that for now, I woke up an hour later than I hoped and I have a ton to get out today.  I want to wrap these two things together in one of my readings yesterday, a virgin upon my field (I so love virgins, new puzzle pieces!!!)  I started seeing her right before she called, focus on the lower part of the legs all pimped out in white fish net stockings:
(Minus the stilettos, she was bare footed.)  The understanding is the new gridwork of our new atmosphere in life.  Think about it (well, I am right now) this new environment we are in allows the access to the subdimensions so there are those who are going to be much more sensitive to their movements (how, I guess we will find out as we move deeper into this amazing story we are creating, but she did give us an inkling.)
Her husband is going thru the additional energy infusement, her team even used the analogy of “walk in” as we think of it.  Same soul, more of it.  I could see him suddenly having knowings, insights, abilities just randomly as he went thru his days.  Her team even said it may seem like your husband suddenly became a different person, its just more of his soul participating.  She also mentioned he is tired all the time lately (yeah, I can relate to that lol.)  She also mentioned too, that over the last couple of weeks, his personality seemed to change, less angry/judgemental, much more loving and compassionate.
But what they showed me thru them… excites the freakin hell outta me.  They both were incarnate as a “sacred pair” (her teams words) back in the timeline of ancient India, where the sanskrit language was used fluently.  I could see his consciousness, again like a massive hurricane system that suddenly produced water spouts or tornado spouts, but in reverse energy, instead of sucking anything up, it was bringing wisdom down to the ground at hear pimped out legs.  As soon as that spout hit her legs, she immediately was back in the timeline of ancient india bringing back the techniques of application of the wisdom.  The interaction of his consciousness and her skin…. makes me sooo excited… sacred pairs, divine counterparts… hurray!!!
In this amazing, clear, detailed day of connections, one of my men who is still undergoing his ET connections sessions, signed up for the May event as well.  It was an ET session day for him yesterday and the overflow of information really struck me in the excited bones area (which would be from head to toe lol.)
I cannot even remember the conversation that triggered this unfolding on my floor, but hey… I am beyond excited with its release.  We must have been talking about the course itself (May’s) and then suddenly in my kitchen, I could see a bunch of people holding hands circle around one of the pyramids and the timeline was ancient egypt (whenever that was lol.)  I recognized him and myself and one of the other ladies who signed up for the course… oddly enough, half of the visual was invisible, so it was more like sneak peek into the bigger collusion happening.  Behind us were all kinds of different looking ET’s.  Equally, the understanding that what we think we know about these pyramid structures are not what we think at all.  They also said that back in the ancient days of egypt, that area was a hub for intergalactic travel, hence, seeing more than one race behind us crazy humans… all darker pigmented with beautiful black hair.  It was also stated that those joining this course were all alive and interactive in the same timeline being shown.
Life sure is getting more and more interesting.  Ohhh and I want to give a huge, huge, HUGE shout out to our men with deep deep gratitude.  I have been doing group session for well over 10 years, never ever before have we had more than one or two men sign up and participate in anything… until now.  We have 5…. FIVE men signed up already, that’s like a quarter of the group are men.  I am astonished, amazing, excited, celebrating and even more enthusiastic about it all (life itself) than ever before.  We need our men, our beautiful, beautiful men and here they come!!!!  Hurray for all of us!!!
Have an amazing day my beloveds.  For those showing up this last day or two with validating information from prior readings, thank you for (and our teams) for that.  I needed to hear, see and feel that now more than ever.  What we are opening up into is so beyond my wildest dreams, its of great comfort to me to know that what spirit weaves in between it all, validates the entirety of everything for me.  Just thank you for that!!!
((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))) of boundless love and excitement to All!!!!
by Lisa Gawlas

Source: The Shift of Time and Energy!

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