15 July 2015

Running GMO Crops Out of your Town: A How To Guide

The last year has seen more happen in conscious defiance of genetically modified food and its associated chemicals than perhaps the last 20 combined. After a slow start, humanity is awakened, activated and taking no prisoners. There are now blueprints in place from individuals, communities and states to easily follow and replicate on the way to running GMOs and their chemicals out of American communities. Thanks to the initial trailblazers doing the leg work and absorbing the full force of attacks from challenging monopolistic agrochemical giants, the fruits of their labor are ours to cherish and utilize.

Ron Findley: The Power of Individual Action
Findley is looked upon as an icon in the gardening, permaculture and activist community for his defiance and TED Talk with over 2 million views sharing his experience and wisdom. After Finely illegally planted a small food forest in his Los Angeles 150 x 10 community parkway, he was fined. After repeating the offense the legal system aimed to make an example out of him. This was a mistake that back fired monumentally as Finley is now revered around the world as a symbol of gardening revolution. Carrying a business card reading “Head Trouble Maker” as the job title, Finley sums up what he does in a simple statement “I change culture.” The second largest city in the United States has officially legalized urban gardening. Nearly 4 million Los Angeles residents have now been activated and awakened to grow a new future away from abusive corporate food practices. In March of 2015, the Los Angeles city council passed an ordinance that allows residents to plant gardens in their parkways (that strip of city-owned land between the sidewalk and street.)

Jackson County Oregon: American Famers Avert Forgein Takeover
In 2012 organic farmer and founding member of The March Against Monsanto Chris Hardy stumbled upon massive, secret and illegal Syngenta test plots. After digging further, he found that 23 banned pesticides and herbicides, banned in Syngenta’s home town of Switzerland, were contaminating his town and its inhabitants. In addition, Syngenta’s GMO test crops were acting as a trojan horse slowly contaminating and threatening to bankrupt all the county’s organic farms. Three years later the effort of like-minded famers and concerned citizens in both Jackson and Josephine County Oregon voted into existence to ”ban any person from propagating, cultivating, raising or growing “genetically-engineered plants.” 

This has given the green light for each county throughout the United States to replicate their own local measures immediately as the dominos continued to fall in favor of preserving crop biodiversity, human health and the food supply at large.  

The People of Maui: Integrity Leads Truth
As the people of Maui have have found, like their extended Hawaiian family in Kauai and Hawaii did previously, the courts  and political system are often not stacked in their favor. After The People of Maui voted for a moratorium on pesticide and herbicide testing in 2014, the legally stalled and corrupted court case has now ended with Judge Susan Oki Mollway ruling against her island family’s simple request. It appears at this juncture an equal mix of local organic farming mixed with collective legal action will provide the slow working poison needed to phase out the failed GMO experiment from the Hawaiian Islands. Resistance to the coming paradigm shift to non-GMO & non-chemical farming appears only to be coming from a questionable legal system and an alternative to replace the secure agrochemical salaries given to locals.

by Jefferey Jaxen

Source: Jefferey Jaxen Blog

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