15 July 2015

How to Listen from the Heart

Listening is an act of love. It is the ebb and flow of giving and receiving energy to your friends, partners, the cosmos, everything. When you relax your mind enough to be in a state of awareness that is listening, processing the data and creating new connections in your brain, that is the process of what we call ascension. It is letting light into your body in the form of information. It is interacting with your DNA.
I’m learning what it means to really listen. Like… REALLY listen. To listen so much that you become an open receptor of the truth. To let Source itself flow through me more than ever before. It happens through your actions, your thought processes and the connections you create.
We are all students of Source, the universe, God, whatever name you put it to – just as it is our student. It is expressing it’s energy as us – to understand the human experience. We all learn from each other, no one is the teacher.
My partner once told me that “Listening changes the answer.” When you are thinking about what to say to someone, you aren’t listening. You’ve taken yourself out of the space of complete presentness. This is something I’m practicing because I always want to say the right thing, but I don’t know what it is. I don’t know it – because I’m thinking when I should be listening and feeling.
Feelings bring you to the truth, to the core of something. Thinking about it just keeps you on the edges.
And while processing thoughts and mental neurons firing are vital to our understanding of reality – the heart as intelligence as well. It is a deep, powerful knowing that guides us through intuition. It is something so deep that it’s easy to miss when you aren’t listening. And how could we? Our society is designed to distract us constantly.
It takes the will to slow down and listen to your inner voice – which sometimes is another being speaking through your own voice to guide you. This happens all the time for all of us, we just don’t always realize. 
When you listen close enough – you can hear that everything is One. That voice coming to you is the voice of Source, expressing itself through another consciousness.
This would be a lot more simple if our global system was set up to support these ideas. It’s difficult for many to quiet their mind, take moments to meditate and receive high levels of information. It takes concentration and to see the value in doing it. 
Listen to the thoughts that come into your mind and ask “Is that really mine?” This happens with emotions too. Sometimes we will take the burdens of others subconsciously.
When a really loud or predominate thought comes into your mind, you need to pay attention to it. We are thinking constantly and when something sticks out, it’s happening for a reason and its our job to figure out exactly why.
Whats are the messages being received and what’s the significance of it happening at this time? It takes open eyes to see the connections being made. You can easily shrug all this information off, but then you consciously choose not to experience the magic of reality.
For there is an infinite stream of wisdom flowing through us, and when we receive it through the brain, it gets processed through the logical ego. When it’s processed through the heart, there is only clarity, understanding and passion.

by Alexandria

Source: Spirit Science

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